Some Type of Way

by I'd've

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The first music out by us. Hello. We're over here.


released June 12, 2014

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Josh Boyer.
Thanks for tolerating us being loud in your house and shit.
Gang vocals were I'd've plus Josh and Toyler Denim.
Album art by Racquel Cable.
All songs written by I'd've.



all rights reserved


I'd've Chicago, Illinois

doug, dan, mikey, and colin

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Track Name: Tarrant
Rick said that people drown in water like this
And then took the first leap in.
The sheet metal roof set fire to our bare feet.
The quarry looked me in the eye and called out to me.
There's only one way down.
I'm scared to death there'll be no one around when
I finally breach the surface on my way up.
Summer swallowed everything in a single gulp.

Who's to say what's lurking in the deep?
The faces of the people that memory can't keep.
Fury flames up inside against still life.
I'm not sticking around. I'm not staying up another night.
Boring stories left to die on tentative tongues and bashful eyes.

You said someone should break my legs
And I'd write about it.
Broadcast apology letters to the streets surrounding home.
All you faces float. But I can't dwell on that anymore.

Sorry man, I've gotta go.
Track Name: SadLight
When was the last time we walked the whole way home?
The train is warm but I miss concrete half an inch below my sole.
Icicles freeze over headlights of oncoming cars like fangs
-Sharp and bloody, poised to bite and chill me to the bone.

A year ago I felt so safe inside the snow
Driving west to play a show.
Tear down these walls between me and everyone I know.

Who would've thought there'd be such comfort in hearing you're not alone? Fast friends in sinking ships, Loved ones crying on the phone.

Give me a reason to shake these blankets off and crawl out of bed.
Blame unstable, horrible moods on the seasons or the smoke lodged in our heads.
Track Name: Halfway to Hopeless
Halfway to hopeless I was picking up short breaths in between cigarettes.
I don't know if I told you this, but the doubt I have, it knows no limits.
It's a solipsistic soliloquy and I guess that means nothing to me.
Halfway to hopeless. Remind me. Take notice. I'm lost or I'm nothing at all.

How did I get so far from water?
Blaring car horns and crowded bus stops don't quite do marvels for seeing straight.
Any questions?
I keep my hands down.
Way down.
All the way down in my pockets.

My worst quality is my skill at hiding the rest.
I think you expect too much out of me.
You're probably right.
I know I'm not.
I'm not here to help out.
I've got no promises to keep.
Track Name: Compression, Compression
It's the smell of airplane cabins or a sunrise in the cold.
Snowcapped rooftops wake up with stories untold.
Lost in a sleep you can't just walk through.
I won't fail you if you don't let me in.

I'm breaking down through the balls and sockets that don't quite fit.
I am no man. Just a wreck of broken plans.
You will never not have scrapes. You can learn to live with the aches
That unsteady footing calls over to stay at your house.
They've been sleeping on the couch.

They've been sleeping on the couch.
Keeping quiet leaving a mess
Of hair clippings cut blind from the back of their head so anxious.
You can't hide behind a new name.

Cough up words that don't mean a thing
Walk home down someone else's street.